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Mandatory Energy Audit

We have proven expertise in energy audits in energy intensive sectors such as Cement, Fertilizer, Textile, Pulp & Paper, Iron & Steel, Chlor-Alkali, Petroleum Refineries, Thermal power plants and Railways.
PAT consutlants

PAT Consultancy

We suggest/ implement methods for reduction in energy consumption and costs as per the regulatory mechanism for Designated Consumers to comply with standards and norms as notified as per EC Act, 2001

ECBC Consultancy

Quality design norms for Building envelope, including thermal performance requirements for walls, roofs and windows;Lighting system, including day lighting, lamps and luminaries’ performance;HVAC system, including energy performance, air distribution;Electrical system; Water heating and pumping systems, including requirements for solar hot-water systems.
PAT Audit Consunlants
ESCO Energy Audit Consultants

ESCO Service

Comprehensive Energy efficiency solutions & schemes for Industries and MSMEs backed up with productive & feasible specifications with immediate & guaranteed savings including funding of investment for implementation


Harmonic currents increased power system heat losses and power bills of end users that reduces system efficiency and increase power and air-conditioning costs
PAT Audit Companies

Green Building

We design new buildings as well as conduct studies for existing buildings for clean environment, water and healthy living. Optimization of resources i.e. use less energy, water and other natural resources creating less waste & Green House Gases.

Renewable Energy Solutions

Solar Energy is a renewable energy source for a sustainable future. We provide total solution for commissioning of solar power plants
PAT M and V Audit
Energy Audit of Commercial Buildings sector

Investment Grade Energy Audits

We empower our customers to make wiser decisions regarding usage and conservation of energy through thorough examination of energy use. We not only give suggestions for energy saving but also provide support for energy management & post audit implementation of saving proposals.

Thermography Audit

Early detection of “hot spots” through this study and fixing them before it becomes dangerous in electrical and mechanical systems
Thermography Audit
Training and Seminars

Training and Seminars

An informed, motivated customer is essential to the long-term success of your utility’s or government agency’s energy services program. Providing energy education creates satisfied and loyal customers.

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