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    Pradeep Dhingra

    Accomplished professional with over 27 years of comprehensive industry related
    techno-commercial experience in the field of power solutions, energy efficiency
    and technology. Well qualified professional with background in Management &
    Engineering. Also, an Accredited Energy Auditor from BEE and have successfully
    completed various assignments related to Energy Efficiency.
    Strong background in providing clients with innovative technical solutions for
    better energy management and efficient power solutions, energy tax credits and
    other financial incentives for energy efficiency.

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    Anjaly Dhingra

    Ms. Anjaly is a director of the firm. As Masters in Computer Applications, her strength lies in Software, Data analysis and Presentation. Her 19 Years of professional experience spans across industry and research institute

Certified Energy Auditors

  • Dr. Mandeep Singh
  • Er. Rajesh Kumar
  • Er. Vikas Singla
  • Er. Harpal Singh
  • Er. Prakash Makhijani
  • Er. P Senthinayagam
  • Er. Rakesh Khichariya
  • Er. R.R Garg
  • Er. Awadesh Tiwari
  • Er. A K Jaiswal
  • Er. Amit K Purbey
  • Er. Rakesh Kumar Sharma

Sector Experts

  • Er. J.K Rai
  • Er. Awadesh Tiwari
  • Er. Mythilli
  • Er. Manish Mishra
  • Er. Rakesh Khichariya
  • Er. A K Jaiswal
  • Er. Anoop Srivastava
  • Er. Kalpesh Shah
  • Er. Vishwas Saraswat
  • Er. Prakash Makhijani
  • Er. Yuvraj
  • Er. Rajesh Kumar
  • Er. A Jha
  • Mr. Mathur