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towards strategic advantage in achieving global standards”

Whenever someone save energy or use it more efficiently, he reduces the demand of Coal ,oil etc. Less consumption means lower emission of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that contribute to global warming. Your decision in energy conservation can help to global warming. A well-conducted energy audit would reveal areas of wastage of energy and if recommendations are implemented by the concerned organization, a significant reduction in energy consumption levels can be achieved.We offer value added services in the field of Energy Conservation which leads to increased Efficiency and reduction in operational costs. We also conduct awareness and training programs for knowledge sharing as part of our corporate social responsibility initiative.. Our vision is a prosperous future for our country where energy is Clean, Abundant, Reliable and Affordable.”

Recently Completed Projects at UNDP / Jharkhand & Manipur State

Study of Solar Water pumps for Irrigation / Agriculture sector.

Energy Performance & Solar Roof-top Feasibility Assessment in Schools /Institutions .

Agriculture Demand Supply Management -Project Study.

IGEA & Energy Efficient Technology adoption across MSME sectors in Jharkhand